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Types of Woodcuts - Tree To Timber

4 Different Types of Woodcuts

Woodcut is an ancient form of printmaking that uses knives to carve an image into the surface of a block. Depending on how the block is cut, it can result …

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Tree-cutting Terminology - Tree To Timber

A Glossary of Tree-cutting Terminology

If you plan to work with tree service professionals, it’s a good idea to brush up on some tree-cutting terminology used in the tree surgery industry. This glossary covers basic …

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Before and After Tree Removal - Tree To Timber

Discover What Happens Before and After Tree Removal

Trees beautify yards and create shade, but sometimes it’s necessary to remove them. They can pose a safety hazard or be a structural nuisance. Indicators that it’s time to take …

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Should You Trim Trees in the Summer - Tree To Timber

Should You Trim Trees in the Summer?

Should You Trim Trees in the Summer? While ideally tree pruning only is done in winter, some trees and shrubs need to be trimmed throughout the year. This is especially …

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How Often Should You Trim Trees - Tree To Timber

How Often Should You Trim Trees?

Tree trimming removes dead and other dead or diseased branches as well as those growing too close to buildings or power lines. It also improves air circulation in a canopy, …

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Best Time To Remove A Tree - Tree To Timber

The Best Time To Remove A Tree

When a tree becomes unhealthy or dangerous, it is often necessary to remove it. However, it’s important to know the best time to remove trees for safety and cost reasons. …

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