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Fine Wood Furniture - Tree To Timber

Fine Wood Furniture to Beautify Your Home

The craftsmanship of fine wood furniture sets it apart from the mass-produced furniture offered for sale by many retail giants. Skilled woodworkers take the utmost care in selecting the right …

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Is Hardwood More Valuable Than Softwood - Tree To Timber

Is Hardwood More Valuable Than Softwood?

Hardwoods are harvested for lumber, veneer boards, furniture, carving, and construction. Their value depends on the forest, tree species, and harvest practices. Hardwood timber comes from angiosperm trees that produce …

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Exotic Woods for Table - Tree To Timber

The Most Exotic Woods for Table

When it comes to dining tables, the type of wood will greatly impact the price tag. Some common woods like cherry, hickory, and brown maple tend to be more affordable …

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Wood Color Names - Tree To Timber

Understanding Wood Color Names

Wood color names vary based on their different types. Tiger maple is a unique wood that features a pattern of narrow bands of darker color. Also known as a maple …

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Types of Wood Grain - Tree To Timber

3 Different Types of Wood Grain

Wood grain is one of the most unique and beautiful characteristics of each piece of wood. From straight lines to swirling patterns, there are many ways that wood grain can …

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Oak and Poplar - Tree To Timber

Oak and Poplar: Unraveling the Differences

Oak and poplar are two types of wood that are often confused. However, they differ in their workability, durability, cost, and other features. Oak grows in many parts of Europe …

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