Tips and Tricks on Effective Wood Drying


How to Make Wood Stronger - Tree To Timber

3 Methods on How to Make Wood Stronger

Wood has long provided structural support for buildings. Its durability is often cited as a reason for its longevity in service, though property sales, changing occupant needs, and rezoning are …

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Exotic Woods for Table - Tree To Timber

The Most Exotic Woods for Table

When it comes to dining tables, the type of wood will greatly impact the price tag. Some common woods like cherry, hickory, and brown maple tend to be more affordable …

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Types of Woodcuts - Tree To Timber

4 Different Types of Woodcuts

Woodcut is an ancient form of printmaking that uses knives to carve an image into the surface of a block. Depending on how the block is cut, it can result …

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Fire Treatment For Wood - Tree To Timber

A Guide to Understanding Fire Treatment For Wood

Whether wood is naturally flame-resistant or fire retardant depends on its chemical composition. It also depends on the process used to treat it. The best wood treatment is a surface …

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Wood Drying Stickers - Tree To Timber

The Importance of Wood Drying Stickers

Wood drying stickers are narrow lengths of wood that separate courses of lumber during air drying or kiln drying. Depending on the species, proper spacing can prevent staining and warping …

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Lumber Equipment - Tree To Timber

Lumber Equipment Used in the Wood Processing Industry

There are a variety of lumber equipment and tools used in the lumber industry. Powerful feller bunchers, part of heavy logging equipment, have sharp blades that cut through tree trunks. …

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