Tips and Tricks on Effective Wood Drying


Kiln Drying Service - Tree To Timber

The Importance of Kiln Drying Service

Kiln drying service is a wood drying process that reduces the moisture content of fresh or green lumber to levels where it can be used for its intended purpose. Wood …

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Timber By-Products - Tree To Timber

The Full Life Cycle of Timber By-Products

The primary market for timber products is construction. This includes new single-family residential construction and repairs, nonresidential repair and remodeling, and construction panels. Dimension lumber is graded based on overall …

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Wood Color Names - Tree To Timber

Understanding Wood Color Names

Wood color names vary based on their different types. Tiger maple is a unique wood that features a pattern of narrow bands of darker color. Also known as a maple …

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Alternatives to Pressure-Treated Wood - Tree To Timber

Best Alternatives to Pressure-Treated Wood

For the average homeowner who wants to build a deck or erect a tree house for the kids, there are other alternatives to pressure-treated wood. These alternatives will protect your …

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How to Protect Wood From Sun Damage - Tree To Timber

How to Protect Wood From Sun Damage

Wood is one of the oldest materials used for furniture and other home furnishings, giving homes a warm, traditional ambiance. However, sun exposure can damage wood over time, causing it …

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Tree-cutting Terminology - Tree To Timber

A Glossary of Tree-cutting Terminology

If you plan to work with tree service professionals, it’s a good idea to brush up on some tree-cutting terminology used in the tree surgery industry. This glossary covers basic …

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